John Connor is a fictional character from the Terminator franchise. His first on-screen appearance was in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1992), in which he was portrayed by Edward Furlong, though he was mentioned in The Terminator (1984) as the unborn son of Sarah Connor destined to lead the human race to victory against Skynet and its machine army in the future. As a result, he is the target of numerous assassination attempts by machines programmed to kill him and his parents.

The character is the primary protagonist in the film series, whether by his direct appearance, or acting as an influence, as is the case in the original film. Since Furlong's portrayal in T2, a different actor has stepped up into the role for every subsequent film as well as the television show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. John is often characterized as a future messianic figure fated to save the human race from Skynet.


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